really really quick kinda messy ampharos. i used my old brush settings and it was awesome

etrian--crossing inquired I LOVE the art style you used for Coco!

thank you so much! i’m really working on it to try and get it as my signature kinda style :D

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coco has moved into my animal crossing town! i had to draw her immediately as she is an adorable little creep.

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finished up a set of reference images for my animal crossing characters. i’m quite pleased with how they turned out, i think i’ve pulled in the kind of style i want to use on people now!

just found out my ask box hasn’t been working for about a month, it should all be fine and dandy now, and if you were trying to get through to me i’m so sorry technology scares me

a little something i’m working on. i wanted to try out a new style so i am painting pokemon. gonna maybe try this with actual paints at some point too.

i now have a portfolio site up and running! it’s pretty much a cleaner and more fancy version of this blog but without all the experimental stuff and just clean finished pieces

just gotta wait for next month and then i can get a proper domain name rather than the weird one it is now

here it is

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Commissions are open! I will take 5 slots.

0/5 taken.

Prices (payment via PayPal only, sorry!):

-STYLE A: £8/$13

-STYLE B: £7/$11


If you’re interested, read the details/what to do next here.

a rough version of nameless space cat #1’s side design. i have a few ideas for possible comics so i’m going to design characters for all 3 of them, then decide who i like the best.

catstronaughts is idea 2 out of 3 

haven’t done this style in a long time so i wanted to revisit it before i forgot how to do it. it’s still maybe my favourite one to do.

i’ve been meaning to get through a massive list of animal crossing characters in this style for a few months so i’m slowly making a start with stitches.