haven’t done this style in a long time so i wanted to revisit it before i forgot how to do it. it’s still maybe my favourite one to do.

i’ve been meaning to get through a massive list of animal crossing characters in this style for a few months so i’m slowly making a start with stitches.

it progressed. i haven’t done lineless for a long long time so this was interesting to do. but also really fun giving it come texture and stuff

colours and initial design for 1st catstronaut. i don’t know if there will be any others or if this will even move on yet?

man i love it when you’re trying to sort out character designs and instead make space cats instead. i am now going to continue with my catstronauts until the reverse thing happens.

quick warm up doodling my favourite pokemon (i named mine erwin)

now continuing on a commission for a little bit

also a trial cover for a maaaaaybe comicy summer project.


creative capabilities were at a 1000000% peak the other day

thought i’d post this one here as i haven’t done much for a while. just found a house plot for this guy in new leaf! also animal legs are becoming easier.

my other animal crossing doodles can be found here

worked out how to colour traditional stuff digitally. this is super messy but i’m gonna start doing cleaner stuff soon. will also upload more & open commissions as soon as exams are over.

if you can’t draw backgrounds just find old pictures on your camera, it works great.